Sermons from 2018


Christmas time just passed, which means New Year’s Eve is right in front of us. We often feel, this is the time to make some significant changes in our lives. But – to make sure it stays for longer than just a few weeks – we need to organise them. Wojtek will take us trough this topic, so we will finally know, if we really need to plan anything. ORDER God – the awesome planner Necessity of organising It requires…
Nehemiah rebuilding the wall in Jerusalem

Nehemiah 2

Part Two of our series in Nehemiah, after last week when we looked at Nehemiah’s immediate response to the situation in Jerusalem, this week Wojtek takes us through Nehemiah’s plan and what happens when he first arrives in Jerusalem. (sorry the audio is so quiet, there was an issue with recording) Order Recap Give yourself to God in prayer Nehemiah’s request Knowing when to ask for help and when to pray Nehemiah get’s to Jerusalem The citizen’s response Key quote…
Nehemiah rebuilding the wall in Jerusalem

Nehemiah 1:1-11

Today we have started working through the verses of Nehemiah after looking at an overview of the book last week. Today we’re going through Nehemiah Chapter 1 looking at who Nehemiah was and what we can learn about him and his view of God. Finally, Wojtek caps it off with some challenges and encouragement for our own spiritual development. Order Recap of the setting for Nehemiah Who was Nehemiah The power of Conviction God is powerful to act Who is your…

Nehemiah – Part One

Today Wojtek shares with us first sermon of the Nehemiah series. We recall times of the exile and ways of God using him to perform His own plan. All these information will help us later to better do our homework! Quotes Don’t do this without electricity! Verses Nehemiah 1:1-4 Nehemiah 2:1 Order Historical background Nehemiah’s function Being a man of conviction Homework

SALT Evangelism

Rob Ford joined us today from Munich, Germany to share his insights into Evangelism. Unfortunately, the first part of the recording is missing but that means we start right in with the action! Rob started by asking people to raise their hands if… You love street evangelism? You are absolutely petrified of the thought and don’t want to do it. He then went on to share how he was more of the second group but God called him over time.…
Someone using a calculator, pen and spreadsheet to work out what they are investing in

What are you investing in? Trusting God

Today we are going to discover another topic of our series “What are you investing in?” To start with, Wojtek shares his vivid story with us, which makes us think about trust. Obviously, it is the reference to trusting God. Isaiah 50 looks like a perfect chapter to test it. Quotes I’m not asking you to kiss your brains goodbye. Verses Isaiah 50:1-11 Isaiah 55:10-11 Numbers 23:1 Romans 8:28 Genesis 50:20 Isaiah 55:8-9 Order Wojtek’s story A sin definition History…
Someone using a calculator, pen and spreadsheet to work out what they are investing in

What Are You Investing In? Is Jesus Your King?

Today, Wojtek looks back at the recent sermon series asking “What are you investing in?” and then moves on to ask the question “Is Jesus your King?” This is a vital question for us all whether you are a christian or not. Find out why investing in other things isn’t worthwhile. Key Quote Is Jesus Your King? Order Intro: What are we investing in? Health Relationships Church God’s Kingdom The greatest commandment and the great commission Is Jesus King? Prayer
Someone using a calculator, pen and spreadsheet to work out what they are investing in

What Are You Investing In? What We Are Building

The third part of our series that continues asking “What are you investing in?” This time Wojtek directs our attention to where we are going and what we are building towards, Christ and the church. Wojtek offers three perspectives on the church: A family, A Washing Machine, and where we can enjoy God. The key challenge at the end of the sermon is “Are you Enjoying God?” Quotes Are you enjoying God? Verses 1 Timothy 5:1-2 Revelation 1:12 Isaiah 6:1-7 1…