Sermons on Christ

Book of the Bible Colossians

Colossians: The Supremacy of Christ

Last week we heard Paul introduce himself and the church in Colossae. Today, we look at Paul’s “song” at the start of the letter and what it reveals about Christ’s supremacy: then and now. Order recap of last time Chris is the image of the invisible God Christ is above all Christ has reconciled all The response to Christ’s Supremacy When the world doesn’t look great Key quote Paul was writing this letter in prison, but he still says that…

How to Spend time with God

Today, we had not one but four speaker. They shared their experience of how to spend time with God. After brief intro made by Wojtek, we will hear some practical advices from Wojtek, Kirsten, Michał and Benna. Useful tips Stick to a reading plan—choose one working for yourself Ask God to teach you Give your morning to God Pray constantly: start in your room, but don’t end there Start a notebook decribing Jesus Focus on His specific features Memorize Scripture…

God As Father

Today, Wojtek continues our series looking at Christ and his relationship with us and the church by looking at God as father. What does it mean that God is the good father? What was his relationship with Jesus like and what does that say about our own relationship with him?

The Wise Man and The Foolish Man

Kirsten continues our series on being Christ-Centered with a look at the parable of the wise and foolish builders. What does it mean to build yourself on solid foundations? What are foundations made of sand? Listen and find out. Order Reading the passage When the waves come What it looks like to build on Sand Jesus as your foundation Key Quote Are you building on Jesus, or something else? Verses Matthew 7: 24-29
Someone using a calculator, pen and spreadsheet to work out what they are investing in

What are you investing in? Trusting God

Today we are going to discover another topic of our series “What are you investing in?” To start with, Wojtek shares his vivid story with us, which makes us think about trust. Obviously, it is the reference to trusting God. Isaiah 50 looks like a perfect chapter to test it. Quotes I’m not asking you to kiss your brains goodbye. Verses Isaiah 50:1-11 Isaiah 55:10-11 Numbers 23:1 Romans 8:28 Genesis 50:20 Isaiah 55:8-9 Order Wojtek’s story A sin definition History…
Someone using a calculator, pen and spreadsheet to work out what they are investing in

What Are You Investing In? Is Jesus Your King?

Today, Wojtek looks back at the recent sermon series asking “What are you investing in?” and then moves on to ask the question “Is Jesus your King?” This is a vital question for us all whether you are a christian or not. Find out why investing in other things isn’t worthwhile. Key Quote Is Jesus Your King? Order Intro: What are we investing in? Health Relationships Church God’s Kingdom The greatest commandment and the great commission Is Jesus King? Prayer

Being Rich in Christ

Martin continues our sermon series looking at Ephesians by looking at Paul’s prayer in Ephesians 1:15-23. The key aspect of the prayer is Paul’s wish for the church to grow deeper in their riches in Christ. But what exactly does that mean and how does that even happen? Well have a listen. Outline intro recap of the book of Ephesians Paul wasn’t writing because the church was in trouble Start with thanksgiving Paul Prays for more wisdom and revelation…but isn’t…
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