Sermons on Discipleship

Christian Resolution

Here are some of the areas Wojtek mentioned: Relationship with Jesus Prayer life Worship Bible Study Friendships Marriage Parent/Child relationship Being a good neighbour Ministry Generosity Fitness Skills and Hobbies.

How to Spend time with God

Today, we had not one but four speaker. They shared their experience of how to spend time with God. After brief intro made by Wojtek, we will hear some practical advices from Wojtek, Kirsten, Michał and Benna. Useful tips Stick to a reading plan—choose one working for yourself Ask God to teach you Give your morning to God Pray constantly: start in your room, but don’t end there Start a notebook decribing Jesus Focus on His specific features Memorize Scripture…

Growing in Christ

We’ve been focusing all about Jesus in this series. So perhaps it’s no surprise that in today’s, final sermon we should focus on how to grow in Christ. Wojtek expands upon Proverbs 2 for how we should cultivate a relationship with Christ. Spoiler alert: We have to do something. We can’t just do nothing and expect to see results. By the way, the following week’s sermon has practical advice on how to spend time with God. Why not listen afterwards.…

What are we about as a church

Today Wojtek will be talking about main focus of our church. We all will be asked some crucial questions, which ultimately direct us to the One, Jesus. order Passion – what it is? Knowing Him Jesus’ love language Faith in our faith or faith in Jesus? Be free in Him Courage coming from God Bible verse Acts 4:13
Nehemiah rebuilding the wall in Jerusalem

Nehemiah 8

How does respect to God’s Word look like? Chapter 8 of the book recently studied shows people, who were unable to read the Bible and their first reaction to it. Wojtek will give us more details about it. Order Recap of previous part Physical draws us to spiritual Ezra – who was he? It’s about the process Relationship with God – how do you want it to look like? Verses Nehemiah 8 Ezra 7:10
Nehemiah rebuilding the wall in Jerusalem

Nehemiah 7

Today we are dealing with, maybe not the most exciting, but very important chapter of Nehemiah. It is the time to point some crucial issues out. Order Recap Are you a reliable person? What makes one? Fear of God What God put on your heart? How do you want to be remembered? quotes People matter to God. Do people matter to you? Verses Nehemiah 7
Nehemiah rebuilding the wall in Jerusalem

Nehemiah 6

The walls were finished! Job done right? Wrong! Nehemiah and the israelites had more to do, and they faced more opposition too. Today Kirsten takes us through those challenges and what we can learn from them. Order Recap of previous part The open letter Distractions Lies False direction Prayer Verses Nehemiah 6
Nehemiah rebuilding the wall in Jerusalem

Nehemiah 5

Last week we heard about difficulties from outside Jerusalem – foreign people, who tried to stop restoration of Jerusalem’s walls. What about internal problems, how did they deal with such things? Today Wojtek will show us a bigger part of the Nehemiah’s story and, as usually, will ask some tough, but needed, questions. ORDER Recap Outside and inside problems Great anger of Nehemiah Living by example What are you gonna do with it? Quotes It’s okay to get angry. But…
Someone using a calculator, pen and spreadsheet to work out what they are investing in

What Are You Investing In? Is Jesus Your King?

Today, Wojtek looks back at the recent sermon series asking “What are you investing in?” and then moves on to ask the question “Is Jesus your King?” This is a vital question for us all whether you are a christian or not. Find out why investing in other things isn’t worthwhile. Key Quote Is Jesus Your King? Order Intro: What are we investing in? Health Relationships Church God’s Kingdom The greatest commandment and the great commission Is Jesus King? Prayer
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