Sermons by Kirsten Kukulski

Sermons by Kirsten Kukulski

How to Spend time with God

Today, we had not one but four speaker. They shared their experience of how to spend time with God. After brief intro made by Wojtek, we will hear some practical advices from Wojtek, Kirsten, Michał and Benna. Useful tips Stick to a reading plan—choose one working for yourself Ask God to teach you Give your morning to God Pray constantly: start in your room, but don’t end there Start a notebook decribing Jesus Focus on His specific features Memorize Scripture…
Nehemiah rebuilding the wall in Jerusalem

Nehemiah 6

The walls were finished! Job done right? Wrong! Nehemiah and the israelites had more to do, and they faced more opposition too. Today Kirsten takes us through those challenges and what we can learn from them. Order Recap of previous part The open letter Distractions Lies False direction Prayer Verses Nehemiah 6
equipping the church feature image

Equipping the Church

Wojtek and Kirsten were away in South Africa with our church’s parent organisation, New Covenant Ministries International, now they’re back and they’ve got stuff to share. Find out more about NCMI, What the purpose of their trip was and how it will impact our church going forward, the five fold ministry and most importantly, a call for us all to work not for our fame, but to build his church. Order What is NCMI? What are Equip events? An invitation…


Today Kirsten continued our foundations series by looking at the bible view of Worship. Including answering some key question like why we do it, when we should do it and how we should do it. Order Intro Worship as a lifestyle vs Worship as an act Why Worship? When we should worship Where we should worship How we should worship Key Quotes Everything is about Jesus Bible Passages Psalm 150 1 Thessalonians 5:18 Psalm 48 James 5:13 Psalm 42.5 Psalm…