Sermons on Holiness

Book of the Bible Colossians

Colossians 2:6-24 Part 2

Last week we looked at Kingdom culture (or should that be Kulture?) and this week we are looking at the other side, our current, post-modern culture. Kirsten looks at how it is different, how it has affected the church and how Paul’s advice to the church in colossea applies for us as well. Order recap What is post-modernism and how did we get here King Jesus Vs there is no king the Bible vs no absolute truth community vs individualism…
Nehemiah rebuilding the wall in Jerusalem

Nehemiah 13

Today is the last sermon in our series on Nehemiah. It takes place some years after the rebuilding when Nehemiah retires and returns to Jerusalem to see what has become of the city. Unfortunately, there is bad news waiting for him. Order recap Nehemiah’s return the offerings and tithes the Sabbath rest Intermarriage Nehemiah’s prayer Application Verses Nehemiah 13 Psalm 37

Nehemiah – Part One

Today Wojtek shares with us first sermon of the Nehemiah series. We recall times of the exile and ways of God using him to perform His own plan. All these information will help us later to better do our homework! Quotes Don’t do this without electricity! Verses Nehemiah 1:1-4 Nehemiah 2:1 Order Historical background Nehemiah’s function Being a man of conviction Homework

Light and Darkness

Today Michal Continues our series on Ephesians by looking at our response to God’s saving grace, holiness. Unfortunately, there are some issues with the audio in the first 1:20 where Michal recaps the previous week but you can skip to the better quality and look at God’s character and the Holy spirits work in us. Outline Recap of last week The importance of Holiness The character and holiness of God We have been made clean What does it mean “Let…

God’s New Temple

Today, Martin is taking us to the most theological part of Ephesians so far. We will pore over images of temples which crop up through the Old and New Testament. Finally, we will get to know all differences between tribes grafted in Christ. order Intro (situation in Ephesus) What we once were What Christ has done for us What we have now become key quote We were Christless, stateless, friendless, hopeless and godless Verses Ephesians 2,11-22 Ephesians 3,10 Isaiah 57,19…

What is on your horizon?

Today our guest from South Africa, Craig Meyer, wanted to show us differences in Abraham’s and Lot’s perspectives. We will take a closer look at their paths and the outcomes of their choices. OUTLINE Disputes between Abram’s and Lot’s sheperds Moment of selection – separation of cousins Hearing God and following Him or choosing illusive Eden? Change of prospect as the way leading to trust KEY QUOTES Where you look, there you will live KEY PASSAGES Genesis 12,1 Genesis 12,4…

Ephesians 1,3-14

This Sunday Wojtek continues our journey through Ephesians with one very rich sentence included in Ephesians 1,3-14. Let us take a closer look at what is hidden beyond these verses. Outline intro saved for free, no cost of our own – dipped in His Grace God’s plan of unification discovering the riches of God’s blessings our value in the Father’s eyes discipline put into practice sealed hearts God as the One who deserves worship Key Quotes With great power comes…


Wojtek preached about what Holiness is in this part of our foundations series. He looked at the meaning of holiness What holiness looks like How we can get Holy Holiness is not superiority Key Points God wants to defeat death, He wants you to have life. Holiness means being set apart from the world, for God and for good works. Bible passages 2 Corinthians 3 Romans 6: 18