Sermons on Evangelism

Sermons on Evangelism

Sharing your faith

As Jesus’ followers, we were told to make disciples. But – how to do it? Today, Sean will share with us practical advices on giving testimony. It will definitely help with bringing people to Christ. ORDER We all have a testimony! We plant but it is God who gives growth Testimony of Joe Donato What we were like before, how we met God and what we became as a result? VERSES Revelation 12:11

Taking care of children

Today our guest, Michał Slawik, the director of Misja Pokoleń ministry, will remind us some important facts about children in the light of Bible. He uses examples in both the old testament and new as well as some modern research for why we should prioritise children in the church. Order Obedience to God sometimes requires courage Responsibility for teaching kids How God integrated us into His Kingdom Jesus and children What is your place? I don’t think, that God wants…
Nehemiah rebuilding the wall in Jerusalem

Nehemiah 1:1-11

Today we have started working through the verses of Nehemiah after looking at an overview of the book last week. Today we’re going through Nehemiah Chapter 1 looking at who Nehemiah was and what we can learn about him and his view of God. Finally, Wojtek caps it off with some challenges and encouragement for our own spiritual development. Order Recap of the setting for Nehemiah Who was Nehemiah The power of Conviction God is powerful to act Who is your…

SALT Evangelism

Rob Ford joined us today from Munich, Germany to share his insights into Evangelism. Unfortunately, the first part of the recording is missing but that means we start right in with the action! Rob started by asking people to raise their hands if… You love street evangelism? You are absolutely petrified of the thought and don’t want to do it. He then went on to share how he was more of the second group but God called him over time.…