Sermons by Wojtek Kukulski

Sermons by Wojtek Kukulski

Christ-Centered Commission

Many people are looking for purpose, meaning and calling. For christians, we have a Christ-centered commission as our calling, but what does it mean and how is it different from other callings? Today Wojtek opens the bible and opens the topic.

God As Father

Today, Wojtek continues our series looking at Christ and his relationship with us and the church by looking at God as father. What does it mean that God is the good father? What was his relationship with Jesus like and what does that say about our own relationship with him?


Today, we continue our series on being Christ-Centered by looking at Humility including some good (and bad) examples in the bible. Order Intro United in Christ True Humility The Example of Isaiah The bad example of King Saul, the Pharisees The Example of Jesus Key Quote Just as a Wedding is about the bride and Groom and not the guest, so our lives should be about Jesus and the Church . Verses Philippians 2:5-11 Isaiah 6:5 Matthew 26: 39 Esther

What are we about as a church

Today Wojtek will be talking about main focus of our church. We all will be asked some crucial questions, which ultimately direct us to the One, Jesus. order Passion – what it is? Knowing Him Jesus’ love language Faith in our faith or faith in Jesus? Be free in Him Courage coming from God Bible verse Acts 4:13

David and Bathsheba

Today, Wojtek takes us through the story of David and Bethsheba and its relevance for us now. We see the causes of David’s sin and ask how they are affecting us. Then we look at how David’s sins go from bad to worse and what he should have done instead. But there is hope as we see David’s eventual repentance and the model for us. Order What Caused David to sin? David Sins Nathan’s Prophecy and David’s Response Key Questions…
Nehemiah rebuilding the wall in Jerusalem

Nehemiah 11 and 12

Work on the book of Nehemiah draws to an end, but before we finish, we will see what chapters 11 and 12 can teach us. Wojtek will show us interesting parts of not the easiest section of Nehemiah. Order Choosing new citizens of Jerusalem Your background does not determine your future Individual functions of the people Honoring God’s Word Alexander the Great and Jaddua high priest Wordly and Godly joy What is true life? Verses Nehemiah 11 Nehemiah 12 Daniel…
Nehemiah rebuilding the wall in Jerusalem

Nehemiah 8

How does respect to God’s Word look like? Chapter 8 of the book recently studied shows people, who were unable to read the Bible and their first reaction to it. Wojtek will give us more details about it. Order Recap of previous part Physical draws us to spiritual Ezra – who was he? It’s about the process Relationship with God – how do you want it to look like? Verses Nehemiah 8 Ezra 7:10
Nehemiah rebuilding the wall in Jerusalem

Nehemiah 7

Today we are dealing with, maybe not the most exciting, but very important chapter of Nehemiah. It is the time to point some crucial issues out. Order Recap Are you a reliable person? What makes one? Fear of God What God put on your heart? How do you want to be remembered? quotes People matter to God. Do people matter to you? Verses Nehemiah 7
Nehemiah rebuilding the wall in Jerusalem

Nehemiah 5

Last week we heard about difficulties from outside Jerusalem – foreign people, who tried to stop restoration of Jerusalem’s walls. What about internal problems, how did they deal with such things? Today Wojtek will show us a bigger part of the Nehemiah’s story and, as usually, will ask some tough, but needed, questions. ORDER Recap Outside and inside problems Great anger of Nehemiah Living by example What are you gonna do with it? Quotes It’s okay to get angry. But…