Sermons by Steiner Klove

Nehemiah rebuilding the wall in Jerusalem

Nehemiah 13

Today is the last sermon in our series on Nehemiah. It takes place some years after the rebuilding when Nehemiah retires and returns to Jerusalem to see what has become of the city. Unfortunately, there is bad news waiting for him. Order recap Nehemiah’s return the offerings and tithes the Sabbath rest Intermarriage Nehemiah’s prayer Application Verses Nehemiah 13 Psalm 37


Is the Bible just another book, a piece of fiction with made up stories? Or is it something much more amazing, beautiful and powerful? We believe it is the latter and in this part of our foundations series Steiner shares what we believe about the Bible. Order Why should we read the Bible? For our personal relationship with God To know God’s commands To have clarity and confirmation To know his promises Key Quotes complaining of a silent God with…