Sermons by Craig Meyer

The Church is God’s Answer to the World

We are joined by Craig Meyers of Grace Cov Church in Centurion, South Africa. He shared three pictures for the church and then a sermon on Ephesians. Order Three pictures Acceleration Green sticky notes Background of Ephesus and Bible reading (You can listen to our series on Ephesians) Verses Ephesians

What is on your horizon?

Today our guest from South Africa, Craig Meyer, wanted to show us differences in Abraham’s and Lot’s perspectives. We will take a closer look at their paths and the outcomes of their choices. OUTLINE Disputes between Abram’s and Lot’s sheperds Moment of selection – separation of cousins Hearing God and following Him or choosing illusive Eden? Change of prospect as the way leading to trust KEY QUOTES Where you look, there you will live KEY PASSAGES Genesis 12,1 Genesis 12,4…