SALT Evangelism

Rob Ford joined us today from Munich, Germany to share his insights into Evangelism. Unfortunately, the first part of the recording is missing but that means we start right in with the action! Rob started by asking people to raise their hands if…

  1. You love street evangelism?
  2. You are absolutely petrified of the thought and don’t want to do it.

He then went on to share how he was more of the second group but God called him over time. He started with Matthew 4:18-22 and how Jesus called the fishermen and how Jesus called him, who captured animals, to capture men for him. This is where we continue from.

Key Quote

Start a conversation, Ask Questions, Listen to their story, Tell them what Jesus did in your life


  • Follow me and I will make you fishers of Men
  • Practical Tips in Evangelism
    • Go Where the Fish Are
    • Put some bait on your hook
  • Salt and Light
  • Not too much Salt
    • 4 steps for effective evangelism
  • What about Introverts?
  • Ask God for Opportunities


  • Matthew 4:18-22
  • Matthew 5:13-16


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