Sermons on Christ (Page 2)

Ephesians 1,3-14

This Sunday Wojtek continues our journey through Ephesians with one very rich sentence included in Ephesians 1,3-14. Let us take a closer look at what is hidden beyond these verses. Outline intro saved for free, no cost of our own – dipped in His Grace God’s plan of unification discovering the riches of God’s blessings our value in the Father’s eyes discipline put into practice sealed hearts God as the One who deserves worship Key Quotes With great power comes…

Introduction to Ephesians

Today Wojtek kicked off a brand new sermon series on the book of Ephesians. But what is the book about? What should we reflect on when we read it? What is THE BIG message of the book? Well in this week’s sermon we get the big overview as well as a detailed breakdown of the first two verses. Outline Intro The situation in Ephesus outline of the book God our Father Chosen by God God’s Holy people grace and peace…
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