What we believe in

What we believe in

In this series we look at the fundamental foundations of our faith. The core principles which are of central importance to us and their impact on our lives.

Why does the Church Exist?

This Sunday Wojtek tries to answer questions like: why do we exist and why does the church exist?  what should we do with Christ’s sacrifice in terms of being one flesh. Simply, what is this church’s purpose? Order Why does the church exist? Jesus as the Lion and the Lamb The church as a washing machine What it means to know Christ The importance of Fellowship The importance of service How the church should act What it means to make…


Today Kirsten continued our foundations series by looking at the bible view of Worship. Including answering some key question like why we do it, when we should do it and how we should do it. Order Intro Worship as a lifestyle vs Worship as an act Why Worship? When we should worship Where we should worship How we should worship Key Quotes Everything is about Jesus Bible Passages Psalm 150 1 Thessalonians 5:18 Psalm 48 James 5:13 Psalm 42.5 Psalm…


Is the Bible just another book, a piece of fiction with made up stories? Or is it something much more amazing, beautiful and powerful? We believe it is the latter and in this part of our foundations series Steiner shares what we believe about the Bible. Order Why should we read the Bible? For our personal relationship with God To know God’s commands To have clarity and confirmation To know his promises Key Quotes complaining of a silent God with…


Today Martin preached on the topic of Money. Money is an important topic, as it can have a big impact on us and yet, we can also get it so wrong and lead to such a negative impact on other christians. So what is a healthy perspective on money? One that isn’t manipulative but instead seeks to use money for God’s kingdom. Key Quote How we spend our money and our time has as much to do with the kingdom…


We’ve been going through our core beliefs and the foundation of our faith. One of the key aspects is how we view women and their role in the church.

The Church

This week Wojtek started a two part sermon on the church. He started by addressing two key questions. “What is the church?” and “Who is the head of the church?” Order What is the church? (spoiler, it’s not a building) The Church is a group The Church has been called out of What the saying “I believe in one holy apostolic catholic church” means The Church is not a parachurch organisation Pictures of the church the army of God the…


Wojtek preached about what Holiness is in this part of our foundations series. He looked at the meaning of holiness What holiness looks like How we can get Holy Holiness is not superiority Key Points God wants to defeat death, He wants you to have life. Holiness means being set apart from the world, for God and for good works. Bible passages 2 Corinthians 3 Romans 6: 18