The Church

This week Wojtek started a two part sermon on the church. He started by addressing two key questions. “What is the church?” and “Who is the head of the church?”


  • What is the church? (spoiler, it’s not a building)
  • The Church is a group
  • The Church has been called out of
  • What the saying “I believe in one holy apostolic catholic church” means
  • The Church is not a parachurch organisation
  • Pictures of the church
    • the army of God
    • the nation of God
    • a building
    • a temple
    • priesthood


Key Quotes

Ecclesia it means called out of.

Spiderman should be in the bible because he said, With power comes responsibilities. That’s almost straight from the bible.

In Hebrew thought God was the hero, in Greek thought God raised heroes up.

Sometimes Christian ministries exist because local churches aren’t doing what they are supposed to.


Bible passages



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