Sermons from August 2018

A dark bible in the background with the text "the greatest Commandments" in the foreground

The Greatest Commandments Part One: Love God

This is part one of a short two part series. Wojtek looks at what Jesus said was the greatest commandments in Mark 12:28-31. Today we’re dealing with the first part, Love God with all your heart, soul, mind and with all your strength. Next week Wojtek will take us through the second part, love your neighbour as yourself. Order Intro body prayer Bible Verses  Mark 12:28-31
equipping the church feature image

Equipping the Church

Wojtek and Kirsten were away in South Africa with our church’s parent organisation, New Covenant Ministries International, now they’re back and they’ve got stuff to share. Find out more about NCMI, What the purpose of their trip was and how it will impact our church going forward, the five fold ministry and most importantly, a call for us all to work not for our fame, but to build his church. Order What is NCMI? What are Equip events? An invitation…
The word Self-Foregetfulness with a blurred bible in the background


Who’s approval do you live for? In today’s sermon Tomek talks about Self-forgetfulness and how it is connected to our need for approval. To do so Tomek looks at what the apostle Paul had to say about who’s approval he sought and what that means for us. Order Who’s opinion was Paul living for? What is humility really? What pride is The world’s solution vs the gospel For christians the verdict is passed then you are judged. Prayer Key Quote…
Why was Paul so happy and full of joy? What gave him such joy

Paul’s Secret To Happiness

Today Martin continued our summer sermon series after last week’s look at the gospel Paul preached. Martin invites us to look at why on earth Paul was so happy. From a worldly perspective, he was often in bad situations, it’s not plain sailing along the way. And yet, he often talks about joy. So what was Paul’s secret to happiness and what can we learn from it. Order We’re in a crisis of happiness Paul Knew what God was calling…