Sermons from January 2018

The Church

This week Wojtek started a two part sermon on the church. He started by addressing two key questions. “What is the church?” and “Who is the head of the church?” Order What is the church? (spoiler, it’s not a building) The Church is a group The Church has been called out of What the saying “I believe in one holy apostolic catholic church” means The Church is not a parachurch organisation Pictures of the church the army of God the…


Wojtek preached about what Holiness is in this part of our foundations series. He looked at the meaning of holiness What holiness looks like How we can get Holy Holiness is not superiority Key Points God wants to defeat death, He wants you to have life. Holiness means being set apart from the world, for God and for good works. Bible passages 2 Corinthians 3 Romans 6: 18