Sermons on Identity

Nehemiah rebuilding the wall in Jerusalem

Nehemiah 11 and 12

Work on the book of Nehemiah draws to an end, but before we finish, we will see what chapters 11 and 12 can teach us. Wojtek will show us interesting parts of not the easiest section of Nehemiah. Order Choosing new citizens of Jerusalem Your background does not determine your future Individual functions of the people Honoring God’s Word Alexander the Great and Jaddua high priest Wordly and Godly joy What is true life? Verses Nehemiah 11 Nehemiah 12 Daniel…
live loved by God

Your Identity Rooted In the Love of God

Today we are joined by a special guest from Canada, James Colgan. James’s message continued on the theme from the last two week’s of the Greatest Commandments, but James did know what had previously been preached…Funny how often that happens with God. James challenged us to live out our true identities, people Loved by God. Order Intro Why Christ went to the cross, his joy Satan doesn’t want you to know your identity Adopted Sons and Daughters Live Loved by God…