Ephesians: Conclusion

Today we end our series on Ephesians with a look at the final four verses. It’s been a great series going through the whole book and looking at Paul’s message to the church in Ephesus. Today starts with a recap of the whole book before moving into the final four verses, their application for ourselves and the Ephesus conclusion . Wojtek preached in Polish with Kirsten translating into English. Outline Recap of Ephesians Ephesians 1-3 = who we are in…

Spiritual Warfare

Our series on Ephesians is nearing its end as we continue through the final chapter, Chapter 6. Today’s topic is Spiritual Warfare. A topic that can be hard for us to understand especially as this isn’t a typical war. Wojtek share’s what spiritual warfare is and the tools we have for this fight. Outline Intro Recap of Ephesians What is Spiritual Warfare? The two groups of Weapons The defensive weapons the Belt of truth the Breast Plate of Righteousness Shoes;…

Children and Servants

Our series in Ephesians continues with Paul continuing to talk about the christian household. This time it’s children and parents (not husbands and wives) and then he continues to look at slaves and masters. Martin is preaching and looks at how we should apply these verses today for us who aren’t slaves. Order What is the worldly view of Childcare? What Paul means by children The biblical view (raise children and instruct them) Don’t be passive fathers How does slavery…

Marriage: Husbands and Wives

What does biblical Marriage look like? Well luckily Paul passed on some advice in the Book of Ephesians and today Martin goes through Paul’s advice and how it applies not just for married couples but it actually reflects a deeper truth. Bible verse Ephesians 5:21-33

Light and Darkness

Today Michal Continues our series on Ephesians by looking at our response to God’s saving grace, holiness. Unfortunately, there are some issues with the audio in the first 1:20 where Michal recaps the previous week but you can skip to the better quality and look at God’s character and the Holy spirits work in us. Outline Recap of last week The importance of Holiness The character and holiness of God We have been made clean What does it mean “Let…

Unity in the Body

This week Wojtek takes us through the next part of Ephesians. Paul urges us to live out our calling in unity. This unity is via our diversity and leads to maturing in faith. Order Recap of Ephesians so far The importance of Unity The five attributes for unity Diversity leads to unity Your gifts aren’t for you Key Quote Your gift isn’t for you, it’s for the body Bible Verses Ephesians 4:1-11

The Mystery of Christ

Today Wojtek will take us through some verses of the third chapter from Ephesians. A theme of this sermon is marvelous God’s plan, which was revealed to Paul. We will also discuss the role of the chosen nation. order Paul as a slave of Christ what is a mystery, which Paul mentions a salvation plan over the years inabilities of chosen people various people in front of God key quote Everything that happens in the Christian, happens in Christ Verses…

God’s New Temple

Today, Martin is taking us to the most theological part of Ephesians so far. We will pore over images of temples which crop up through the Old and New Testament. Finally, we will get to know all differences between tribes grafted in Christ. order Intro (situation in Ephesus) What we once were What Christ has done for us What we have now become key quote We were Christless, stateless, friendless, hopeless and godless Verses Ephesians 2,11-22 Ephesians 3,10 Isaiah 57,19…
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