Sermons on Revelation


Jesus came to give us new life, established on Him. However, we often tend to forget some crucial aspects of His accomplishment. This series, started by Wojtek, will give us refreshment on that field. order Paul on practical life based on resurrected Christ Holy Spirit as a reminder of God’s love towards us Jesus confirming His resurrection Our future with God Verses 1 Thessalonians 4:18 Romans 8:16-18 John 6:39 John 11:25 Job 19:19-26 Isaiah 26:19 Luke 24:26-42 Revelation 21:4 1…

Sharing your faith

As Jesus’ followers, we were told to make disciples. But – how to do it? Today, Sean will share with us practical advices on giving testimony. It will definitely help with bringing people to Christ. ORDER We all have a testimony! We plant but it is God who gives growth Testimony of Joe Donato What we were like before, how we met God and what we became as a result? VERSES Revelation 12:11

The Mystery of Christ

Today Wojtek will take us through some verses of the third chapter from Ephesians. A theme of this sermon is marvelous God’s plan, which was revealed to Paul. We will also discuss the role of the chosen nation. order Paul as a slave of Christ what is a mystery, which Paul mentions a salvation plan over the years inabilities of chosen people various people in front of God key quote Everything that happens in the Christian, happens in Christ Verses…