Sermons on John

John: introduction

Today we start a new sermon series working through the gospel of John. But before we begin, Kirsten introduces us to the main themes and ideas in the book. Find the sermon and resources below. Video overview of the book of John 10-day Bible reading plan for John


Jesus came to give us new life, established on Him. However, we often tend to forget some crucial aspects of His accomplishment. This series, started by Wojtek, will give us refreshment on that field. order Paul on practical life based on resurrected Christ Holy Spirit as a reminder of God’s love towards us Jesus confirming His resurrection Our future with God Verses 1 Thessalonians 4:18 Romans 8:16-18 John 6:39 John 11:25 Job 19:19-26 Isaiah 26:19 Luke 24:26-42 Revelation 21:4 1…

Union With Christ p.1 – 5 Pictures

Today Michał starts a new series for us, Union with Christ. Did you know that the phrase “in Christ” appears 75 times in the New Testament? With that high an occurrence, it shows that this is an important topic and that’s why we’re kicking off a new three part series on Union with Christ. Today, it’s all about why this topic matters, and 5 pictures of union with Christ. Order Intro to series 3 reasons why this topic is important…