Sermons on Acts

Walking in the Holy Spirit

As we continue our series on being Christ centered, we’re looking at the Holy Spirit. How does the Holy Spirit relate to living a Christ centered life and what does the Holy Spirit do exactly? In today’s sermon, Wojtek guides us through what the Bible has to say. Order Intro What should we do in the world? The Holy Spirit is our guide the inward fruit of the spirit the outward fruit of the spirit example of the spirit in…

What are we about as a church

Today Wojtek will be talking about main focus of our church. We all will be asked some crucial questions, which ultimately direct us to the One, Jesus. order Passion – what it is? Knowing Him Jesus’ love language Faith in our faith or faith in Jesus? Be free in Him Courage coming from God Bible verse Acts 4:13
Nehemiah rebuilding the wall in Jerusalem

Nehemiah 5

Last week we heard about difficulties from outside Jerusalem – foreign people, who tried to stop restoration of Jerusalem’s walls. What about internal problems, how did they deal with such things? Today Wojtek will show us a bigger part of the Nehemiah’s story and, as usually, will ask some tough, but needed, questions. ORDER Recap Outside and inside problems Great anger of Nehemiah Living by example What are you gonna do with it? Quotes It’s okay to get angry. But…