Sermons from August 2019

The parable of Ten Virgins

Today Michał will remind us some crucial information regarding the end of Christ’s ministry. We will focus on the end times in the eyes of ten virgins parable Order Cultural background of Jewish marriage rituals Expectation of Savior’s return Holy Spirit as an oil Necessity of mind renewal verses 2 Peter 3:10-15;17-18 Ezekiel 36 Matthew 25:1-13

Sharing your faith

As Jesus’ followers, we were told to make disciples. But – how to do it? Today, Sean will share with us practical advices on giving testimony. It will definitely help with bringing people to Christ. ORDER We all have a testimony! We plant but it is God who gives growth Testimony of Joe Donato What we were like before, how we met God and what we became as a result? VERSES Revelation 12:11