How to respond to the Ukraine conflict

How to respond to the Ukraine conflict

Many of us have watched the news of the Ukrainian conflict and wondered how can we help? Due to our strong links with Ukraine thanks to our shared boarder and members of the congregation, we have many members who can help guide us on the best ways to help our neighbours in need.


Pray changes things and we have a God who listens. Pray for the safety of those in Ukraine, for the leaders of every country to make wise decisions.

We have a Facebook group where you can stay up with prayer requests as members post them.


We are proud to be a church with members from both Ukraine and Russia. Our Christian brotherhood compels us to help those in need and with the conflict on our boarder, we are more able than many to offer hands on help.

While there are many groups working in Ukraine and here in Poland which are all worthy of your support and listed below, first we’d like to recommend our own work which is providing support to Church’s in Ukraine as well as many who have reached Krakow.

You can join the group to see the causes we are supporting (and volunteer yourself) or make a small donation. (If you wish to make a larger donation, we recommend using the bank transfer details below).

International bank transfer

If you are looking to send an international transfer perhaps to support our work with Ukrainian refugees, please use the details below.

You can make a donation in Polish Zloty (PLN), British Sterling (GBP) or US dollars (USD) to help avoid extra charges and transfer rates.

Bank: Santander

IBAN for PLN: PL23191010482116406686130001

IBAN for USD: PL24109016650000000150205058

IBAN for GBP: PL93191010482116406686130002

Bic/ Swift: WBKPPLPP
Beneficiary: Kościół Chrześcijan Wiary Ewangelicznej zbór Nowe Przymierze w Krakowie
Branch address: Armii Krajowej 18, 30-150 Kraków
Beneficiary address: Drzymały 5, 30-136 Kraków

Title/description: Ukraine crisis

Other causes to support

You can explore a long list of ways to help Ukraine, including country specific tips on this page, but we’d like to highlight some specific actions.


If you have come to Poland from Ukraine and require assistance, we would love to help you. We may be able to help with supplies, accommodation, transportation, and our Ukrainian members can help with language issues.

Contact us on our contact page and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can.


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