Bible study resources to start the new year right

Bible study resources to start the new year right

The new year is just around the corner! And while any time is a good time to spend more time with God and his word, the new year is a good prompt for most of us. To help you plan and do your bible study next year, here are some resources that might help.


Bible reading plans

Many of the apps above have their own Bible reading plans built in, but you might want a separate plan or perhaps even a paper plan to print out. Here are a few options

The Bible Project reading plans

The Bible project provides a downloadable bible reading plan that includes suggested videos to watch at the same time. They also have an app coming out soon which may provide more options too.
Download email lists

You can get a daily email with a bible reading based on one of a selection of different bible reading plans. Just click the link and find the right one for you

The Bible Reading Plan Generator

This handy web app from John Dyer lets you make a custom Bible reading plan with options for the way you read through (chronological, books in order, OT and NT each day etc) which days you read on, when you start, how many books to read…basically, a lot.

Tracking rather than planning

A different approach I’ve seen is to track what you read rather than plan what you should read. This can be very useful for people who fall into guilt and legalism over reading plans.
There are apps you can download and beautiful pdfs you can pay for, but here is a free PDF from Paper Haven.


In previous years we have had a couple of sermons on the topic of Bible studies and discipleship goals for the coming year. You can listen to the below.

The Be Still Series from 24-7 Prayer

24-7 Prayer created a series of videos on quiet times that can be a useful prompt as you start the new year.

What resources do you know?

Are there any other resources you think we should include? Leave a comment with your suggestion.


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