Resources to help grow your prayer life.

Resources to help grow your prayer life.

Throughout history, Christians have compared prayer to breathing: It’s that fundamental for our spiritual life.

Yet, for many of us, prayer is a real struggle.

  • We get distracted
  • We don’t know what to say
  • We never seam to have time

And on and on the list goes. If this sound familiar, then fortunately (and unfortunately) you’re not alone. The fortunate side is because there are other christians who have faced the same issues and provided resources to help us work through the same issues too.

Here is a small selection of prayer resources you can access too.


The Bible app from YouVersion has a simple prayer request feature that can help you see what your connections need prayer for (and let you add your own requests too).

PrayerMate is an iOS and Android app that lets you manage a list of prayers and subscribe to feeds for different churches and parachurch groups too.


There are hundreds of books addressing different aspects of prayer but here are some recent ones that you may find useful.


24/7 prayer have made several courses on prayer that compliment various books members of their team have produced. These include

Practicing the Way have produced a resource for small groups on prayer. You can go through it as a family, with a group of friend or a home group, but it’s not designed to go through alone.

Sermons on prayer

We have preached on prayer several times since the church started. Here are a few of those sermons.

Know any other prayer resources?

We’ll keep updating this list over time but if you know of some other good resources, leave a comment below.


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