Why does the Church Exist?

Why does the Church Exist?

This Sunday Wojtek tries to answer questions like: why do we exist and why does the church exist?  what should we do with Christ’s sacrifice in terms of being one flesh. Simply, what is this church’s purpose?


  • Why does the church exist?
  • Jesus as the Lion and the Lamb
  • The church as a washing machine
  • What it means to know Christ
    • The importance of Fellowship
    • The importance of service
    • How the church should act
  • What it means to make him known
    • Sharing the washing machine
    • Sharing the blessing
    • Enlarging your tent

Key Quotes

Our purpose is “To know Jesus and make him known”

The church is like a washing machine

Bible passages

  • 1 Corinthians 13
  • Isaiah 54:2


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