Sermons by Wojtek Kukulski

Sermons by Wojtek Kukulski

Unity in the Body

This week Wojtek takes us through the next part of Ephesians. Paul urges us to live out our calling in unity. This unity is via our diversity and leads to maturing in faith. Order Recap of Ephesians so far The importance of Unity The five attributes for unity Diversity leads to unity Your gifts aren’t for you Key Quote Your gift isn’t for you, it’s for the body Bible Verses Ephesians 4:1-11

The Mystery of Christ

Today Wojtek will take us through some verses of the third chapter from Ephesians. A theme of this sermon is marvelous God’s plan, which was revealed to Paul. We will also discuss the role of the chosen nation. order Paul as a slave of Christ what is a mystery, which Paul mentions a salvation plan over the years inabilities of chosen people various people in front of God key quote Everything that happens in the Christian, happens in Christ Verses…

Ephesians 1,3-14

This Sunday Wojtek continues our journey through Ephesians with one very rich sentence included in Ephesians 1,3-14. Let us take a closer look at what is hidden beyond these verses. Outline intro saved for free, no cost of our own – dipped in His Grace God’s plan of unification discovering the riches of God’s blessings our value in the Father’s eyes discipline put into practice sealed hearts God as the One who deserves worship Key Quotes With great power comes…

Introduction to Ephesians

Today Wojtek kicked off a brand new sermon series on the book of Ephesians. But what is the book about? What should we reflect on when we read it? What is THE BIG message of the book? Well in this week’s sermon we get the big overview as well as a detailed breakdown of the first two verses. Outline Intro The situation in Ephesus outline of the book God our Father Chosen by God God’s Holy people grace and peace…

The Battle in our minds

Today Wojtek takes us to on of the most important fields of Christian’s life, the field of battle. As we know from Scripture, it is our mind, which is attacked by the Devil from many directions. To recognise the most important of them, it is needed to answer some basic, but crucial questions. Order What do we believe about God How does it refer to our picture of His Church What is our own image of ourselves Key quotes If…

Our Christian freedom

As we look at Corinthians, they trully did what they wanted, but was it godly freedom? When we start this topic, we should first define how it should look like. This Sunday Wojtek is starting the journey through the letters of Corinthians, which is going to teach us some precious lessons about the Church. Order Who we are made in Christ Using out free will in wise ways Our freedom to win people over for Him Key quotes Do we…

Why does the Church Exist?

This Sunday Wojtek tries to answer questions like: why do we exist and why does the church exist?  what should we do with Christ’s sacrifice in terms of being one flesh. Simply, what is this church’s purpose? Order Why does the church exist? Jesus as the Lion and the Lamb The church as a washing machine What it means to know Christ The importance of Fellowship The importance of service How the church should act What it means to make…


We’ve been going through our core beliefs and the foundation of our faith. One of the key aspects is how we view women and their role in the church.
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