Sermons by Michał Świderski

Sermons by Michał Świderski

The parable of Ten Virgins

Today Michał will remind us some crucial information regarding the end of Christ’s ministry. We will focus on the end times in the eyes of ten virgins parable Order Cultural background of Jewish marriage rituals Expectation of Savior’s return Holy Spirit as an oil Necessity of mind renewal verses 2 Peter 3:10-15;17-18 Ezekiel 36 Matthew 25:1-13

How to Spend time with God

Today, we had not one but four speaker. They shared their experience of how to spend time with God. After brief intro made by Wojtek, we will hear some practical advices from Wojtek, Kirsten, Michał and Benna. Useful tips Stick to a reading plan—choose one working for yourself Ask God to teach you Give your morning to God Pray constantly: start in your room, but don’t end there Start a notebook decribing Jesus Focus on His specific features Memorize Scripture…

Union With Christ p.1 – 5 Pictures

Today Michał starts a new series for us, Union with Christ. Did you know that the phrase “in Christ” appears 75 times in the New Testament? With that high an occurrence, it shows that this is an important topic and that’s why we’re kicking off a new three part series on Union with Christ. Today, it’s all about why this topic matters, and 5 pictures of union with Christ. Order Intro to series 3 reasons why this topic is important…